First night in the new bed…

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July 2, 2007, 6:03 AM

I had my first sleep in the new bed last night, and it was okay. The first night in a new bed is never five stars, because one is not used to it. But it’s going to be a wonderful relationship, I can tell. The bed is HUGE! This is a big upgrade from what I used to have. I used to have a twin bed from 1988, where the sleeping surface was only about a foot off the ground. This new bed, meanwhile, is what sleeping is all about. It’s queen size, and it’s got a box spring, a nice, thick mattress, and the sleeping surface is just below hip level.

Problem: I need a table or something to put next to the bed. I currently have this tiny little wooden box next to the bed that’s only about a foot or so tall. The bed is tall enough that I can’t reach the floor from the bed, so I can’t feasibly put like a book and a thing of water on the floor next to the bed. So it seems another Ikea trip is in order to get a bedside table.

Speaking of Ikea, I realize that they’re a multinational operation with so many languages spoken, but putting the bed together was a challenge using only the little pictures they showed. One of my neighbors said that you almost have to be a rocket scientist to put Ikea furniture together. But somehow, I made it.

So next time Mom comes up, we’re going to Ikea. I could probably handle a bedside table by myself (unlike the full bed), but Mom’s already expressed an interest in going back to Ikea for some furniture of her own, so I might as well wait and go with her.

Speaking of Mom, this is her new car:

Mom's Scion

Yes, it’s a Scion. Ugly little thing, but she likes it. And I don’t have to drive it or even live in the same state with it, so what the heck.

Web site: Ikea Hacker - pretty neat site

Song: Metro Underground by Flickerfall

Quote: So now I'm thinking about any modifications I need to make to the arrangement of the pillows and such to make the optimal sleeping experience. One way or another, I'll get it right eventually.

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