And now we’re in Stuarts Draft…

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June 23, 2007, 3:02 PM

And now I’m in Stuarts Draft, where I’ll be until Sunday. Visiting the parents, and spending some time with others as well. I went and visited Katie on the way back in. That was fun.

Then here, Mom’s been busy. She’s already redone my old bedroom. The bed’s gone, and there’s this new nautical-themed futon in there now. In fact, Mom went nautical on the whole thing. She even used some of my old ship posters and such as part of the decor. Additionally, there’s a new coffee table, plus that chair Mom bought at Ikea.

Also, here’s a weird sight – going down to Stuarts Draft from DC in the daytime. I took nearly 100 DC trips over a litle more than three years, and offhand I can think of maybe two where the return trip was made while it was light out. It was weird. The trip was so different. I saw so many things I wasn’t used to seeing. I know what it all looks like in the light in the towards-DC direction, but not in the other direction.

Meanwhile, I got the apartment closed down for the weekend. I turned everything off, turned all the lights off, took out the trash, and locked everything.

Then today’s going to be fun. My friend Patrick Jarrett, formerly of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is coming to visit, and then once Sis gets off of work, we’re all going over to Charlottesville to the Mellow Mushroom, a neat little pizza parlor in the Corner District. Since it’s summer, I don’t think the place will be mobbed with UVA students, but we’ll see. It is Saturday, after all.

Then on Sunday, it’s back to Maryland for me, and when I get back, I get to do one of my all-time favorite activities: Ironing clothes. And if you really believe that’s one of my favorite activities, it is my pleasure to inform you that the Key Bridge is now up for sale, and my understanding is that the price is quite nice.

Web site: "Unofficial" Stuarts Draft site. I think the "" at the end kind of tipped me off to that...

Song: "Pierre" from Really Rosie

Quote: Oh, and then tomorrow on the way back to DC, I'm swinging by Wal-Mart to visit some former coworkers. That ought to be interesting, seeing them all in their new dork suits, er, pardon me, the "new dress code".