“If there’s a person by the name of Aaron on this train…”

June 20, 2007, 6:35 PM

Yeah, that’s what I heard today on my morning commute. The operator gets on the PA at Metro Center and announces, “If there’s a person by the name of Aaron on this train, your mother is meeting you at Metro Center. Aaron, get off the train here. Aaron get off the train here!” And the way the operator was pronouncing it, it sounded more like “Arrn”. All of us on the train got a chuckle out of that. As off-the-wall announcements go, I think this beats the “Sir, don’t stand in my doorway like that!” announcement at Braddock Road back in 2003 by at least a leap, and maybe also a bound.

It could always be worse, though. What happened on the Green Line yesterday was comedic from where I was on the Red Line, but not so funny for the riders of four separate Green Line trains that got offloaded. A track problem caused a train to lose power just outside of Fort Totten. So one train is dead on the tracks. A train behind it is offloaded in order to use it to push the other train to the next station, West Hyattsville. There, first train is offloaded. Then while pushing the dead train back to Greenbelt Yard, the second train loses power. So now, assuming six-car trains, we have twelve rail cars dead on the tracks. A third train is offloaded to push what is now two dead trains to Greenbelt. And what do you know? It dies, too. They offload a fourth train to push the other three, and it also fails. That’s 24 cars coupled together, assuming that each train was six cars long. If there were any eight-car trains in the bunch, it could have been even longer. They finally had to use a locomotive, which doesn’t rely on the third rail for power, to take the whole lot of them to Greenbelt. Needless to say, some people were really PO’d after that.

Yeah, life on the Metro can be downright amusing sometimes.

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