What a lovely day with Mom today…

June 16, 2007, 11:58 PM

Mom came to visit this weekend, and we had a wonderful time. She came up on Friday, and took the Metro down to Dupont Circle to meet me right after work. We rode back to Wheaton station, where Mom parked, and then went back to my place, where we brought some stuff in. She brought me my computer chair (yay!) and also a coffee table. Mom replaced the coffee table in the family room last year, and so now I have the old coffee table. I love it. It looks so good in my living room, and it will certainly enhance the way things look.

Once we brought everything in, we ordered pizza from Papa John’s. There’s a Papa John’s not far from here – in the same shopping center as H-Mart. We got a pizza that could best be described as unconventional – their spinach alfredo pizza, which has an alfredo base rather than a tomato base. We also got mushrooms on it. I don’t even want to think about how many calories that thing had, but it was good. After dinner, we watched TV, and then went to bed. Mom became the first to sleep in my bedroom on a cot that she brought, and then I slept in the living room on the futon (as always).

Then on Saturday, we went to Ikea in College Park, where I finally got that new bed. I got their Hemnes brown-black bed with a nice, comfortable mattress. Queen-size, and all for me. We’re getting that delivered. Mom got some furniture as well, and we also got a chance to look all over their showroom. The place was not nearly as busy as it was on Memorial Day, and so we got a chance to stroll around a bit. Plus, considering that this was my second trip to Ikea, I was not nearly so overwhelmed.

Still, I’m just glad that I’m finally getting a bed, and that the futon will finally resume the role that I bought it for – a couch. The futon has served quite well as a bed while I’ve lacked one, but I would much prefer a real bed. Of course, I still have to put this sucker together. That ought to be fun. Then I’ll have to sleep in something that I put together, which ought to be interesting. Of course, it works out – you put it together, and then pass the heck out on it.

I also got to see Mom’s Toyota Sienna for the last time. Mom’s getting a new Scion xB the middle of next week, and so this was the Sienna’s last trip to Washington. I will be the first to admit that it wasn’t the most comfortable car to drive or ride in, but we’ve had it for nine years – and you grow somewhat attached to it in that time. The Sienna was to the point where it was starting to do like the Previa. Things were starting to fall apart, though not yet to the extent of the Previa’s deterioration in its last few years.

Mom was amused about how I mentioned how the Sable will miss the Sienna. After all, the Sable shared a driveway with the Sienna for a year and some change. I used my remote to toot out a little salute to the Sienna on the Sable. And here they are, side by side for the last time, in front of my apartment…

The Sienna's last visit to Maryland

Mom’s already stated that she’s not cleaning the Sienna anymore, and that she’s just waiting for the day when she trades it in. I’m surprised she’s not doing a final hurrah for the Sienna like I did the Previa. Recall that I delayed taking possession of the Sable so I could take one final trip in the Previa. I went to Roanoke and met a friend, and in preparation for the final trip, I got it all spiffed up for its final hurrah.

Otherwise, Mom and I got to see the first edition of MetroPerforms, outside the Q Street entrance to Dupont Circle station:


The two people furthest to the right were the paid performers, and they were showing a group of people the various steps. According to the schedule, the performances will be at Dupont Circle on July 20, August 3, and September 28, all at the Q Street entrance. It ought to be fun. Now if only they would perform at Glenmont in the evening. That would certainly provide a nice diversion during what I consider the absolute worst part of my commute – waiting for the bus at Glenmont on the way home. It’s the worst because I’m tired from working all day, and the bus is often late. So having people perform there would be so awesome. Will Metro do that? Don’t know. But it certainly would be nice.

And then next weekend, I’m going down to Stuarts Draft to visit everyone. That ought to be interesting. I haven’t been to Stuarts Draft since May 20, so it’s been quite a while. While I saw Mom today, I haven’t seen Dad or Sis or Greta since that last visit in May.

Web site: This is the frame of the bed that I bought. My mattress will ride higher, though, since it will be sitting on a box spring. Trust me, after 19 years of sleeping less than a foot off the ground, this will be really nice.

Song: "What kind of muffins would you like for breakfast, Johnny?" Bits from Liam Kyle Sullivan's Muffins video was a bit of a running joke today.

Quote: And to Dad, whom I won't get to see until next week, happy Father's Day.