Who skinned the pylon?

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June 8, 2007, 9:53 PM

I was sitting on a retaining wall near Dupont Circle after work today and was talking to Mom on the phone, and noticed this:

Dupont Circle pylon side

I’m like, eh? as I see one of the four faces of the street pylon for Dupont Circle sitting on the grate. That’s unusual. Then after I finished talking to Mom, I looked over at the pylon, and, yeah, someone had skinned it:

Dupont Circle pylon missing one side

Now I don’t know if the pylon was like that this morning or not, because as it happened, I didn’t exit the Metro at Dupont Circle in the morning like I usually do. Due to a sick passenger at Bethesda and the subsequent holding of our train at Farragut North, I decided I might as well just walk the extra few blocks, so I left the train and hit the street. I ended up walking up Connecticut and Rhode Island Avenues to reach my 16th Street office. Not a bad walk, and I got to see a part of DC I don’t usually get to see.

But I do know one thing – that pylon was intact yesterday evening on the way home from work. One would notice a missing panel on the street pylon. Especially me with my affinity for all things transit, undampened through my conversion from a bi-weekly rider with a day pass to a daily rider with a SmarTrip.

Web site: The 19th Street entrance pylon from 2003, with all of its faces intact. Also note that the SunTrust building in the background has not yet been painted bright yellow.

Song: Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin - yeah, the viking kittens song.

Quote: That's... odd... - Me seeing the pylon face on the grate

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