As you can see, “moon shoes” are not exactly something we can balance on…

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June 3, 2007, 10:19 AM

I don’t know if you saw the splash page or not yet, but it shows me balancing on “moon shoes”…

Balancing on moon shoes

This was taken on May 7 – Katie and I were out and about, and we were at the toy store at the Staunton Mall kind of goofing around. We saw the moon shoes, and Katie asked the salesperson if we could give them a whirl. She was fine with it. So we each tried them on. You saw me, and now here’s Katie:

Katie balances on the moon shoes

As you can see, neither one of us really has the balance to handle these things. They did, however, hold my weight, which somewhat surprised me. I’d half expected it to just sink straight down to the floor when I got on. After all, these are intended for kids, not full-grown adults. But no, it held me up.

Web site: YouTube video of someone else trying moon shoes

Song: Don't have one at the moment

Quote: "Whoa!" - Trying to walk on moon shoes. We didn't even think about trying to jump. Walking was enough trouble.