With my desk and real computer in place, it’s really starting to feel like home in here…

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May 27, 2007, 11:52 PM

At last, the Lappy is back to being the “other” computer. My real computer is all set up. My desk is together, and feels a lot like the old one. Sure, the color is slightly different and the edges are rounded, but it feels like home. I like it. It certainly says something about a desk when you have to replace it, and replace it with an exact duplicate.

I also upped the resolution on my monitors while I was at it. Working on the Mac in my office and also on the Lappy made 1024×768 on this computer look huge. So I upped my resolution to 1152×864. This harmonizes with the Lappy and my office Mac.

And now that the computer desk is set up, I only have one thing left to acquire. I need a bed. I’ve been sleeping on the futon couch in my living room. It’s not a bad bed, but I don’t particularly like sleeping in the living room, especially when I’m paying for a one-bedroom apartment and not an efficiency. So tomorrow I’m going to Ikea in College Park and going bed shopping.

This might also be an opportune time to go over to College Perk and have a cup of joe. After all, they’re both on Baltimore Avenue in College Park. You may recall that this is where my friend Rose used to work. I’ve been to it three times in the past on DC trips. Depending on how close it actually is to Silver Spring, College Perk might just become my equivalent to Daily Grind in Staunton, which you may recall is where I spent many happy hours with the Lappy and a cup of coffee during my unexpected six-week vacation.

And now, it’s late. Good night!

Web site: Wikipedia on College Park

Song: Turns out I didn't have to snap, clap, and chuckle that much for the storm, because it was nothing. A little thunder, a little lightning, some rain, and it passed. No fun. I wanted wind and heavy rain. Still, who knows. Maybe it washed all the bird poop off my car. And all the pollen. My car is currently really gross-looking because of that. I'm not washing it until summer, though, once the pollen is mostly gone.

Quote: One more thing - I miss my desk chair. I didn't think to take it back up with me when I went to Stuarts Draft last weekend. The chairs at my kitchen table are hard, and I'm using one of those at my desk. It's fine for eating, but not for my computer.