Trust me when I say that carrying a large desk up three flights of stairs is not my idea of fun.

May 19, 2007, 11:44 PM

First of all, hello from my parents’ house in Stuarts Draft.

In continuing to outfit my apartment in Silver Spring, I’m bringing my real computer up with me this time, and it will get set up in a little corner of my apartment. And then I’m going to have Internet service on Tuesday, so all in all, life is good. And the first week with my new employer was awesome. Now I’ve kind of caught onto how this whole thing works, and I feel confident. It’s not like the first day anymore, where my level of anxiety was so high that I could barely eat my cereal in the morning, and forgot the lunch that I’d packed.

So what does this have to do with the desk? Well, the original plan would have had me returning to Maryland with the computer in the Sable, and the desk in either the truck or the Sienna, depending on who went with me. Then in looking at the cost of gas to take a second car back and forth to bring this large piece of furniture to Maryland, we realized that it wasn’t exactly a worthwhile proposition. Thus we had a slight change of plans. My parents will put my computer desk of nine years to work for them. Translation: It’s staying. Meanwhile, I went to Staples and ordered a new desk. It’s identical to my original desk in almost every way, except that it’s a lighter shade of brown (I don’t know what you call the original desk’s color, but the new one is “natural oak”). And it’s getting delivered to Silver Spring. That satisfies everyone. No one, including me, really wanted to drag that thing up three flights of stairs. However, I liked the desk. It was sturdy and well-designed. I’ll happily put a new desk together on site after it’s delivered to my door, and I’m sure my parents will like the old desk.

And I think Mom’s warmed to the idea. She thought the desk was in poor condition, and that I’d just stuck her with junk furniture. In reality, surprise – the desk is in awesome shape, and the only problems with it are superficial. It’s nothing that a little glue and a Sharpie of the proper color couldn’t fix.

And so with the new desk and such, you’re going to have to wait until probably Memorial Day weekend for substantial updates to the Web site to resume. I get Internet service on the 22nd, but assuming it actually works right offhand, I’ll be online with only the Lappy for the first few days. My desk is slated to arrive on Thursday the 24th (or so), and then I probably won’t have a chance to actually get on the floor and start putting it together until the weekend. I’ll only get my real computer online in Maryland after the desk goes up. Before that, there’s nowhere for it to go, after all.

In other news, my cell phone is still broken, so I’m still mostly out of contact. In going to the Verizon store at Pentagon City after work, I found out that upgrading to the phone I really want is too expensive since it’s not upgrade time yet. So once I find my old phone, I’m going to move my service to that and get the busted phone fixed. Then once I get the broken phone fixed, I’m going to move my service back onto that. Actually, I’m getting the broken phone replaced with an identical phone, since Verizon looked at it, and determined that it was terminal, and that the phone would live out the rest of its days as a glorified paperweight. So that’s the deal. Sorry for being out of contact for so long. I also have a scab about an inch long near my right elbow where I skinned it, and a bruise about two to three inches across right next to the scab. Don’t you worry – I’ll be fine.

Otherwise, while I’m here with Internet access, I took the opportunity to re-up the photo feature on the Web site.

So yeah, that’s my life right now. It’s pretty interesting…

Web site: Go through here, and you'll find lots of photos of my computer desk from 2004, when I painted my bedroom.

Song: What Is Love, which Mark Levin used to make fun of his liberal callers on his May 11 broadcast. I'm so glad I was recently told about a liberal talk radio station in DC, because the conservatives have really started to get on my nerves as of late.

Quote: You know, it still doesn't seem entirely real, especially being down here at my parents' house this weekend. It almost seems like last week was a dream and now it's time to go back to reality. But it's real, and it will feel more like home once I get Internet and my real computer up there, and all that goes with it. It shall be nice...