Bet you haven’t seen this before…

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May 1, 2007, 6:06 PM

I’ll bet you haven’t seen this destination on Metro trains before:

Red Line to Twinbrook

Yeah, Twinbrook. This was on the side of CAF 5071, as well as 5070, its mate. The other four cars on this six-car train displayed the proper destination: Glenmont. It was kind of odd to see the two cars showing the wrong destination, especially when we were traveling away from Twinbrook. We were on the Glenmont track, near Glenmont station, and Twinbrook is two stations from Shady Grove, at the other end of the line.

Go figure. Of course, this would not make the first time I’ve seen train cars display the wrong destination. And interestingly enough, it’s always the trains with the newer LED signs that do it. The Rohrs and Bredas with flip-dot signs don’t do this. I’ve seen the CAF and Breda rehab side signs say Red, Yellow (movie), Blue Line to Glenmont (no photo), Union Station on an Orange Line train, and, most surprisingly, a CAF was showing the green stripe, and “DOOR OPEN SIDE”. It went blank and changed to the correct message (Green to Branch Avenue) before I could get a photo.

But yeah, Red Line to Twinbrook on a Glenmont-bound train. Go figure. I’m sure Metro will work the bugs out eventually, but for right now, it’s pretty funny to see.

Web site: Unrelated, but I saw police cars driving fast with blue lights on, and police tape around Waffle House on 33 when I stopped in Harrisonburg on the way home, and this is what was going on...

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Quote: What's especially significant about the "Twinbrook" goof is that Metro has been announcing that their PIDS screens aren't working properly, and to read the destination signs on the trains. If they're not showing correctly, either, what can you do? Just hop on and cross your fingers, I suppose. Just hope that it's going where you want it to go.

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