This is what the after-effect of a derailment can look like…

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April 18, 2007, 12:08 PM

A friend sent me a photo that he got of CAF 5152 at the yard after it derailed on January 7 of this year. Take a look…

CAF 5152 at the yard following the January 7, 2007 derailment

I was just like, oh, my land when I saw that. The last time I’d ridden 5152 was on August 3, 2005, when I did my Shades of Gray set for Photography. Back then, 5152 was in good working order, as you can see (click for a video):

Also, as you may have guessed, the movie is black and white because I was doing the black-and-white photo set that day and had the camera set for gray. Now, though, that little rail car is definitely NOT in any condition to carry a fare-paying passenger, sad to say. It really got bashed into the tunnel wall pretty well…

Web site: WMATA press release about the derailment

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Quote: Oh, my land... - What I thought upon receipt of the photos...

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