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March 17, 2007, 5:01 PM

First of all, hello from the Infoshop, where I just now met David Rovics.

The protest went swimmingly. I got off the Metro at Foggy Bottom, headed down to the main rally site, and eventually found the SDS contingent. After we determined what we wanted to do, we were off! This time, the black bloc stayed with the mainstream march (sponsored by ANSWER) for the most part. We formed a very tight affinity group, with arms locked the entire way. My right shoulder is now a bit sore due to that. We marched past the counter-protesters “guarding” the Lincoln Memorial (*eyes rolling*), and then marched over Memorial Bridge and on into Arlington. We eventually made a left turn, and headed towards the Pentagon. Our black bloc, after initially having to wedge itself into the mainstream march to get moving, mostly marched as its own unit to the side of the mainstream march, arms locked all the way. Did I say very tight affinity group?

At the Pentagon, we split from the mainstream march. The mainstream march went left, and down into the Pentagon’s north parking lot (ho-hum). There, they had their rally, complete with speeches. Meanwhile, we continued on Route 27 for a little bit more, before we were physically stopped by Pentagon Police and the Virginia State Police. After briefly pushing against the line of police, a pyrotechnic device went off right in front of us (I was near the front of the march at this point), and we backed off. The police then started putting on gas masks, and a standoff began. The police were warning us to disperse, and many participants in the black bloc sat down in the street in front of them. The police gave warnings to disperse, they sat down. I backed off, and went to the back of it all, since I wasn’t in the mood to get sprayed and/or arrested. Thus I ended up standing in the back, ready to run if it became necessary. A number of people from the SDS contingent determined that they were going to go back to the recruiting center in DC where the window had previously been broken, while others (including myself) decided to call it a day. Meanwhile, a very dedicated group of black bloc-ers remained at the Pentagon, continuing the standoff. I’m told that no pepper spray or tear gas was ever used (though they were prepared to use it), and that the group finally dispersed on its own when the State Police brought a large number of paddy wagons into position, prepared to make mass arrests (unlike DC, they can do that in Arlington).

Meanwhile, I headed over to Arlington Cemetery station, changed out of my protest regalia, and got on the Metro, and went back into DC trip mode. I also found out that all of my DC trips have paid off. I helped so many people at the protest from out of town find their way to the Arlington Cemetery Metro station.

You may be wondering about the title of this entry: “You were just on TV – Fox News”. According to a friend of mine who text messaged me during the march (and who hasn’t called me back yet), I was in a shot shown on Fox News. Well, fun stuff. If anyone happened to be recording Fox News during the protest when I was on, I’d love to see it. If anyone knows if I can download the video, I’d appreciate that, too. As the people I had locked arms with would tell you, I was in a bit of shock on that one for a while on the bridge once I checked my text messages and found out.

And then the counter-protesters were out in force, as I’d mentioned, “guarding” the Lincoln Memorial. Among others, there were a bunch of people dressed like bikers in that group. They looked and acted like thugs. Among others, one sign that caught many people’s attention was one that had a peace sign and “sucks” on it, basically saying, “Peace sucks”. Mmmmmmmmkaaaaaaaaay…

And meanwhile, I had no problems with any Malkinites. I really didn’t expect to have any problems with them anyway. I figured that those folks were just a bunch of windbags, who put no action behind their talk. And I was right. They act all big and bad online, but I actually showed up in DC for M17. Due to the Malkinites, though, this protest garnered more interest than usual from my parents. They knew I was going before the Malkinites brought it to their attention, and they’re supportive. But considering that the Malkinites were leaving threats in my inbox, they were a little more concerned than usual about making sure that I got back out in one piece. Dad texted me asking, “Are you alive?” I called later to fill everyone in on how it went.

And now? I’m at the Infoshop, and I’ve got the evening phase of my DC trip still to do. So I’m going to have fun. And then I’m going to wash my chucks when I get home, as they’re quite muddy. Oh, and by the way, I’m going to do a full photo set on this later.

Web site: Fox News: Iraq War Supporters, Protesters Flood National Mall for March

Song: Operation Iraqi Liberation by David Rovics

Quote: "That's bull----! Get off it! This war is for profit!" (one of the chants from today)

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