If this is the best that the right wing has to offer, I am not impressed.

March 14, 2007, 6:35 PM

I seem to have been made the poster child of the anti-war movement on the blog of conservative columnist Michelle Malkin. And if what I’ve seen is the best that the right wing has to offer, I am not impressed.

And now we understand why the Republicans lost in November if this is how these people handle themselves. Here are a few gems for you…

From “jim”: When Islam over runs this country it will be because of wussy boys like you.

From “Kelly Aasen”: Go to the gym, read some real books (not the liberal trash you appear to be reading) and get the [expletive deleted] out of your parents house and on your own.

From “A Vet”: Kindly don’t come looking to desecrate the VN memorial. We had experience dealing with people in black previously and we won’t take kindly to any attempts to leave any paint/marks on it. Otherwise have a nice day Sunday. PS: kindly don’t date my daughter.

That last one was a real kick in the lily-bulbs, wasn’t it? You can also tell, as we heard previously, that the right-wingers have been quite a bit up in arms over the graffiti. I just happened to be close by, and photographed the markings. I was shocked to see it myself. My first reaction was, “Do you smell spray paint?” Anyway, we continue…

From “Your Pal”: You really should think about going out and getting laid.

From “Lance”: My God I hope you’re not for real, but just in case you might choose to look at this… (link to Michelle Malkin’s site was provided)

From “Lt. John Davis”: It will be interesting to see if you and your buddies attempt to vandalize any property and/or harrass veterans during the upcoming “protest”. What I mean by interesting is the events/actions that will follow after you decide to commit such violent acts. See you there! Bring bail money! (was that a threat, lieutenant?)

From “Duane”: You and your playmates are a hoot. Gonna hold your breath till you turn blue next? So mature, LOL. Loser.

I also love it when people post threats through my contact form. I have ALL their IP addresses now. Also, did you see anything missing from all this? Not one person who contacted me directly (including the ones I didn’t quote) wanted to actually have an intellectual discussion with me. Not one. All they wanted to do was hurl insults.

I did read one comment posted on BunkoSquad about the Malkin incident that was positive, though. The owner of BunkoSquad was familiar with my work, and had this to say: Be safe, Ben. There may be a bounty on your head, and the Internet can’t afford to lose you.

Still, notwithstanding BunkoSquad’s comment, if this is the best that conservatives have to offer, then I am very proud to not count myself among their numbers.

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