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March 13, 2007, 9:52 AM

While I was at Daily Grind yesterday burning my mouth, I was listening to Neal Boortz on WTKS out of Savannah, Georgia via an Internet feed. Neal and a caller were discussing ANSWER Coalition (which as of late has become far less mainstream than it once was). The thing that got me a little riled up, though, was the fact they attributed the graffiti-ing of the Capitol on January 27 to ANSWER.

Why did this get me a little riled up, you might ask?

Well, first of all, what did ANSWER have to do with the January 27 march, and also, what did ANSWER have to do with the black bloc that was originally organized by SDS? The answer is nothing. ANSWER had nothing to do with J27, aside from a few banners out in the crowd. It was the anarchist contingent that put graffiti on the front of the Capitol. I should know. I was with them all day.

I have no problems with these radio talk shows criticizing these organizations, whether their target be ANSWER, UFPJ, DAWN, SDS, or otherwise. That’s their right. I do, however, think that if people are going to criticize groups, that they should at least attribute actions to the correct groups. To do otherwise is just irresponsible.

Web site: About the graffiti-ing of the Capitol, by the BLACK BLOC, and not ANSWER.

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Quote: A bit from that article I linked to above, which makes me laugh: "And the Congressmen blamed the Capitol police for not stepping in to stop the spray painting." The congressmen obviously weren't there. We very much outnumbered the Capitol Police at the steps, and the painting was done under the cover of the bloc. In other words, there's a line of cops, and then a sea of people in front of them. The graffiti artists were in the middle of the sea of people. This was not like some person walked up in front of a line of cops and started spray painting, and the cops stood and watched. Neither party is that stupid. There was no chance that the Capitol Police would have been able to stop it, being outnumbered, as well as with the graffiti artists being many layers of people deep into the crowd in all directions.

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