From an entirely new computer setup, here I am.

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February 26, 2007, 9:45 PM

First of all, hello! Hello from my new Dell Dimension E521, my new computer. It’s a lot faster than the old Gateway, but it’s also a lot shorter in stature than the old Gateway. The old computer is currently in Sis’s room, having been stripped of a few parts here and there, as the wireless card was a straight move from the old system. The original intention was for one of the two video cards from the old computer to also carry over, but that unfortunately didn’t allow for a dual-monitor setup. As it turns out, a video card added to the system disables the integrated video. So I had to get a new video card that has two outputs, but I’m still not yet online, as I need to get a DVI cable to hook up onto an outlet on the flat panel.

Otherwise, the new Lappy showed up today, and unlike with the delivery of the main computer, this time I was present in person to sign for the package. So all is here and all is well.

Right now, I’m getting moved in. I’m moving all my documents onto the system, and so once that gets done, life will be good.

Then there’s the whole thing of figuring out Windows Vista. This is new territory to me, as I have never before gone to a new computer and a new operating system at once. Usually it was always one or the other. So this is fun.

Once I get all settled into this computer, I have some photos to show you of the new computer, etc.

Web site: College Life - Moving Out. Kind of a similar process as changing computers, but without all the heavy lifting.

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Quote: Hopefully this setup will last a long time as well!

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