And here we arrive at that point where we “freeze” the Web site

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February 24, 2007, 12:20 AM

As I speak, the “master” version of Schumin Web that I have on my computer and do all my editing from is being migrated over to Dad’s computer as part of the move. This requires me to temporarily “freeze” the site, as it’s not wise to make edits to the site while I’m moving things around. Of course, the Journal isn’t affected by this, since it’s done server-side. However, don’t expect to see any edits to the site (and that includes the photo feature) until I’m finished moving the computer.

Hey, it could be worse. I think the snowman is a really cute picture, and at least we still have the Journal during this transition, so I can tell you all about what’s going on. By the way, moving to a new computer is a colossal pain in the behind, and now I understand why I haven’t changed computers in nearly nine years.

Otherwise, tomorrow I’m going to Harrisonburg where my friend Patrick Jarrett from Pittsburgh is coming down for a job fair. Patrick and I met online way back in the day, and then we’ve met in person once before, when I went to Pittsburgh with LPCM in 2003. So this ought to be fun. I’m also going to try to swing by Rocktown Infoshop at some point to get some more photos for their site.

Web site: "Know Your Right Wing Speakers". Interesting commentary on all those talk show hosts that I listen to.

Song: Theme to Three's Company

Quote: Meanwhile, the peanut butter recall continues. My favorite thing is referring to the Great Value as "peanut buter". That's with one "T", and rhyming with "pewter". Look on a Wal-Mart receipt. It says "GV PNT BUTER". I have fun with that...