I feel like a kid on a snow day…

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February 7, 2007, 1:24 PM

Look what it did last night:


Yes, as seen from my bedroom window, it snowed last night. And it just happened to work out that I am off work today, so I can have my own little “snow day” today at the house. Of course, the kiddies are all having a snow day today, too, as Augusta County schools are closed today. Which means I certainly don’t want to be at work today, since the more urbanized eastern part of the county usually digs itself out pretty quickly, and goes shopping with their newfound holiday.

Still, as you can see, this is what passes for school-cancelling snowfalls in Virginia. There’s an inch of snow on the ground, and they’ll cancel school. I remember there was one time in 1999 that they cancelled school because it was forecasted to snow… and then it didn’t do anything. That earned Dr. Gary McQuain, the Augusta County school superintendent, a place on the editorial page:

McCloskey's snow day cartoon

Yeah, it was Jim McCloskey’s editorial cartoon in the News Leader. The school district was not too pleased at the time about that one.

So now the question becomes what do I do on my “snow day”? Hmmm…

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