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January 22, 2007, 12:11 AM

If anyone is going to be in the DC area on Monday and has a few hours to spare in the middle of the day, please consider counter-protesting against the pro-life rally that’s going on. I can’t make it because I have to work, but I will be thinking about the counter-demonstrators, and hoping that they manage to make their message louder and stronger than the pro-lifers.

If you’re interested, the counter-protest group will be meeting on the National Mall in Washington DC just outside the Smithsonian Metro station, on the Blue and Orange Line.

I hope that many will attend, and I’ll be thinking about you. And I also hope you all attend the World Can’t Wait rally outside the Capitol on Tuesday night in DC counter-protesting the State of the Union address. I’m planning on being there for that one.

Web site: DC Indymedia: Stand up for women's rights Monday the 22nd

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Quote: I really don't get the whole idea behind the pro-life agenda. I've always said that it's a person's individual choice as to what goes on in their own bodies, and if you were to ban abortions, out comes the coat hanger. I think Bill Clinton put it best when he said that abortion should be "safe, legal, and rare".

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