Remember not to misspell, now… that’s B-O-R-F.

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January 21, 2007, 10:10 PM

Occasionally I have fun with my coworkers. I recently had the occasion of having some cans of spray paint go through the Service Desk to go back to their proper department. And in the meantime, talk of graffiti came up. I made reference to the DC-area graffiti artist John Tsombikos from Great Falls, best known as the main person behind the “Borf” campaign. Of course, my coworkers had no idea. They don’t make these biweekly runs to DC like I do. I remember seeing graffiti from the train along the eastern half of the Red Line referring to “Borf”, and I was like, what-the-heck. “Borf”? It wasn’t until really recently, talking about the “disarm” message that was stenciled on the sidewalk of the Key Bridge, that I really found out what Borf was all about. Very prolific.

Otherwise, it snowed today, as the weather forecasters predicted. Actually, it snowed first, then turned to freezing rain, and then to sleet. All and all, it was not a pleasant drive to work. Actually, going in was worse than leaving. It was all still snow then. Basically packed snow all the way to Waynesboro. The Sable still drives better in the snow than the Previa did, but the trip was not without its challenges, as stopping was something of a challenge. Most notably, I was unable to stop at the intersection of the westbound off-ramp of I-64 and Rosser Avenue in Waynesboro, and therefore slid right through a just-turned red light. So yes, I ran a red light today. I did, and so did the car beside me. Both of us slid right through the red light, blowing our horns to warn any potential cross-traffic of our situation. We both got through unscathed.

Then the trip home from work was a lot easier than the one to work. The roads had been driven on a bit, and so the roads were really slushy, but not that awful. I still wouldn’t take it at full speed, though. And I made it just fine.

Then once I got home, Mom and Dad were watching football, and I was talking about the two protests I’ll be going to this week in DC. One will be on Tuesday, January 23. That’s with World Can’t Wait, and it’s going to be held as a counter-demonstration to the State of the Union address. Then we have the big January 27 protest, which United for Peace and Justice will be putting on. That ought to be a lot of fun, too. Mom mentioned, in jest, the line, “Hell no, we won’t go!” from Vietnam-era demonstrations. Mom ended up getting a major kick out of mentioning Vietnam-era slogans and such, referencing Nixon and Cambodia, etc. Dad put it best when he said, “Your mother is amusing herself.” Of course, I can’t say I’ve never done the same thing myself, where I’m amusing myself more than anything else.

So all in all, it was an interesting day today.

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Quote: Amusing movie I saw this morning: Embracing Awkwardness 101 by TheHill88. Funny stuff!