Also, do you ever have this?

January 20, 2007, 12:37 AM

Some nights when you don’t get enough sleep, getting up can be a whole lot of fun. This is what happened this morning. The real alarm clock goes off. Snooze bar gets whacked, and I get a few more minutes of shuteye. Repeat a few times. Thirty minutes past the first blast of the alarm clock, my cell phone alarm goes off.

This, by the way, is deliberate. My real alarm clock is within arm’s reach. Then my cell phone is on my desk, and therefore out of reach from the bed. Thus to kill all the alarms, I have to be fully alert.

So I tried to drown out the cell phone. Then my regular alarm goes off again. Snoozed. The cell phone also automatically snoozed, thereby going silent. I then start negotiating with myself. Seriously. I look at the time in big numbers on my alarm clock, and I think about how much wiggle room I have time-wise, and whether I can still catch a few more winks. I make my determination, and then either snooze or get up. So we look, and it’s like this: DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE *whack*.

Then of course actually getting completely up on those kinds of mornings requires a can or two of Coke Zero. Once we clear that, I’m usually good for the day, though. I just find it amazing that I found myself negotiating with myself over about fifteen minutes of sleep…

Web site: Homestar Runner cartoon where Strong Bad is playing the Trogdor arcade game. Strong Bad tells Homestar he's doing The Cheat's taxes. I mention this because I finished my taxes on Wednesday, and mailed it all off on Thursday. So yes, I'm three months early. Very good.

Song: Theme to The Golden Girls

Quote: And also weird is the dream I had before this wake-up experience: It involved a meeting with Mecca Marsh from Potomac Hall. A few Wal-Mart coworkers also made cameo appearances. I don't know what prompted that one...

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