I went to a World Can’t Wait rally today, and met Cindy Sheehan again…

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January 4, 2007, 4:00 PM

I went to a rally today in Upper Senate Park that was put on by World Can’t Wait. That group’s goal is to drive out the Bush administration. Cindy Sheehan spoke at the event, as did a host of others.

I said hello to Ms. Sheehan, finally gave her the address to Schumin Web, and also briefly talked with her about her meeting with Rhonda Winfield. Winfield is a local woman – local to me, as she’s from from Stuarts Draft. Her son, Jason Redifer, was killed in Iraq on January 31, 2005. I’ve described Winfield as “the anti-Cindy Sheehan”. Winfield is pro-war, and supports the Bush administration, while Sheehan does not. They actually met at Vienna the day before I first met Cindy Sheehan. I’ve not met Rhonda Winfield, as far as I know (I very well could have waited on her at work, however).

I also asked Ms. Sheehan about what she was charged with regarding her November arrest for hefting the list of signatures over the White House fence. Turns out she was never charged. Good deal.

I got a lot of photos and movies from the event, including excerpts from Cindy Sheehan’s speech. Some of that will likely end up on the Web site, and I’m likely going to post the movies on YouTube. Again, we’ll see, once I get home and can take a good, hard look at the take from today.

It’s also interesting – the day was perfectly clear weather-wise, which is something that I generally DON’T like in photography. Personally, I prefer partly cloudy. When the sky is completely clear, my pictures come out with a significant blue tint. Partly cloudy removes enough of the blue light for the colors to be captured correctly by the camera. This is the case for Big Mavica, and also was the case for the small Mavica before that. Of course, I can color-correct it to an extent, but still, I’m not the world’s most talented Photoshopper (well, Paint Shop Pro-er, if you want to get technical).

So fun stuff.

And then the rest of the day involves a run out to Alexandria, and then to Pentagon City. So fun stuff there. Depending on the weather (temperature and wind), I’ll either read my Washington Post outside at Pentagon Row and have dinner on the trip home, or I’ll have dinner at Champps at Pentagon Row and read the paper there. So we’ll see.

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Quote: Oh, and I also ran into Carol Moore, and we talked about Wikipedia, as there's an article about her, and we've collaborated on Wikipedia before. Carol Moore is such a wonderful person...

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