Taquitos? Looks more like cigars to me!

December 25, 2006, 11:19 AM

I was watching “I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger”, which was the third-season Christmas episode on Power Rangers. That was the one where Rito Revolto took over Santa’s workshop, forcing the elves to make Rita and Lord Zedd’s toys. The Power Rangers came to fix things up, but due to various odds and ends, they were unable to morph. Of course, the bad guys’ powers didn’t work, either, so all is fair. They just ran on being bad guys.

The scene I find amusing, though, is the scene where Lord Zedd is having his favorite snack: taquitos and dry ice. They didn’t do that great of a job showing what these things were. It looked like Zedd was having a good smoke over there, to be quite honest. See for yourself on these stills from that episode:

Lord Zedd enjoys a snack of taquitos and dry ice  Lord Zedd enjoys a snack of taquitos and dry ice

I remember when I was first watching that, and I was thinking, Lord Zedd is having a cigar? That’s what it looks like, but he calls them “taquitos”, whatever those are. I found out later what taquitos were, but it still looks like Zedd’s enjoying a cigar up there on the Moon. Of course, with the design of the costume, it’s difficult, if not downright impossible, to show Zedd eating or drinking anything. His “mouth” is a metal grille, after all. It bears more of a resemblance to the front of my car than to an actual mouth.

I also wonder if this was actually the writers’ attempt to show Zedd enjoying a good cigar and having a drink, perhaps for their own amusement, without having him actually smoking anything, or drinking anything. The “taquito” that he’s allegedly eating is long and brown like a cigar, and doesn’t really look like a real taquito. Then the “dry ice” is in a glass like he’s drinking it – cocktails, anyone?

I don’t know… I found it amusing.

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Song: Monte Warden singing "Give My Heart a Break"

Quote: "I'm enjoying my favorite snack, taquitos and dry ice!" - Zedd himself

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