“…I pack ’em and I wrap ’em, and stick on a bow or two!”

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December 24, 2006, 8:14 PM

Well, maybe “eventually” needs to be inserted in there somewhere. I bought all the presents weeks ago, and I haven’t wrapped any of them. They’re all still in the various shopping bags, and now it’s Christmas Eve. I have the wrapping paper and the tape, but now I’m procrastinating, trying to put off the inevitable – having to wrap the stuff, even though the paper will all fly off in twelve hours.

Meanwhile, I came up with the best term ever for last-minute shoppers: I call them “the ‘oh, s—‘ crowd”. The ones that say, “Oh, $&%#, I forgot to buy Aunt Bertha a gift!” and then run to Wal-Mart.

And we’ll be opening presents at 9 AM tomorrow morning. I want to sleep in. I said, “Will the presents still be there at noon? Then let’s open them then.” I want to sleep in on Christmas, and open presents later on. I don’t consider this to be that difficult of a concept. But the family wants to open gifts at 9 AM. And with it being three-to-one on that, I lose. Still, I’d prefer sweet sleep.

And lastly, one wonders if Santa’s ditched the sleigh and reindeer for something more modern:

Santa Claus rides Metro (photo by Tristan Cunningham)
Photo by Tristan Cunningham

Seems Santa’s taking Metro to deliver his presents now, at least to the boys and girls in the DC area. And by the looks of it, I’d say Santa’s had a long night, catching a few winks on a Breda 4000-series car.

Web site: Putting Christ Back in Christmas: Is Jesus the Reason for the Season? (interesting article about Christmas's very non-Christian roots)

Song: Mrs. Pennypacker from Today's Special singing about wrapping gifts (as quoted above)

Quote: "Oh, what a masterpiece if I do say so myself, and... ha ha! I just did!" - Mrs. Pennypacker from T.S. noting her wrapping of a gift

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