What is wrong with this picture?

December 20, 2006, 7:49 PM

Employee smoking area at the Martin's in Staunton... right next to the propane tanks.

First of all, so you know what you’re looking at, this is the front of the Martin’s grocery store in Staunton. This is on the front of the building, all the way at the far left end. This is the employees’ smoking area. That rectangular sign at roughly the center of the photo says “designated smoking area for associates” in all caps.

Notice, though, what is right next to the smoking area? The propane tank storage area. I don’t exactly see the wisdom in placing the employee smoking area right next to the propane tanks. Or, alternately, I don’t see the wisdom in putting the propane tanks right next to the employee smoking area. Either way, with burning cigarettes, sparks from lighters, as well as flicked cigarettes and such, it seems that it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Something will go wrong, either due to careless smoking, negligent handling of the propane tanks, or a combination of both, and it could go up faster than it would take you to read this sentence. Kaboom. Then you’ve got a lawsuit on your hands.

Now that I noticed it in Staunton, I wonder if the Martin’s in Waynesboro has the same arrangement, with the propane tanks located immediately adjacent to the employee smoking area. The smoking area there is again marked by signs, but I’ve never noticed whether or not the propane tanks are in the same arrangement. I will let you know.

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