“Touch the ball.”

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December 2, 2006, 10:27 PM

Have you ever seen the movie Space Jam? At the end, you may recall, at Michael Jordan’s insistence, that the NBA players who had their talent stolen by the aliens touched the basketball to get their basketball talent back.

Reason I mention this is because I saw a photo in today’s Staunton News Leader that brought this scene to mind. Take a look:

Basketball game photo from The News Leader

Based on the photo without the accompanying caption, just looks to me like these people are getting someone’s talent for basketball, either regaining their own, or stealing someone else’s, a la Space Jam. I could imagine a caption for a moment: “Five women unlock the secret to basketball success when they touch a magical basketball, obtaining the talent of several NBA players.”

I found the photograph quite amusing right there on the front of the sports section, and it actually got me to look at the sports page for a change, albeit only as far as the photo. Usually, I skip right past sports when I’m reading the paper, and that’s the same whether it’s The News Leader, The News Virginian (Waynesboro), The Washington Post, or the Express (a small paper published by the Post). I agree with Bruce Williams, a radio talk show host that I listen to regularly, that the sports section is a waste of time.

So there you go. I was amused.

And for those of you who are curious about it, the actual caption read, “Fort Defiance’s Morgan Davidson, center, fights against Buffalo Gap’s Lindsay McGuffin, left, and Kate Botkin for control of the ball during Friday’s nondistrict game at Buffalo Gap.” So basically, it’s a shot taken in the heat of competition, and a pretty darn good one, too. But I like my description better.

Web site: Script to Space Jam

Song: Stand By Your Man as played on The Blues Brothers

Quote: By the way, you know I've gotten excited about something in the breakroom at work (where I saw this) when some of my coworkers tell me to shut up. I tend to get loud when I get excited.

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