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November 29, 2006, 8:21 PM

Does anyone know the location and/or purpose of a beacon or searchlight in Rockingham County, Virginia just south of Harrisonburg? I first noticed it in 2003 when I was commuting to JMU, and I gave it some more serious thought about what it was last night when I most recently saw it. And I see it on most trips through that area at night.

It appears to originate west of Interstate 81 and US 11, appearing to originate from Bridgewater, or just south of there. I’ve never actually seen the device that this light originates from – just the light itself. The beam of light is white, and it moves in a clockwise direction at a fast speed. If you’ve ever seen the way a lighthouse’s beam moves, it’s about the same.

To see the area I’m referring to, here’s a map. The beacon appears to originate from west of the highway (left on that map). The furthest north I’ve been able to see it is at Exit 240, which is the Mt. Crawford/Bridgewater exit on I-81, the junction of I-81 and Friedens Church Road. The furthest south I’ve seen it is just north of the Augusta County line. The boundary between the two counties is not marked on the map, but to give you a general idea, it’s a straight northwest-to-southeast line just north of Fadley Road and Weyers Cave Road (Route 256).

So my question is, has anyone else seen this particular bit of light? Does anyone know where it’s actually located? Does anyone know what its purpose is? If you know what it is, I would like to know!

Web site: Once again, there's the map. If you know what it is, I'd like to hear from you...

Song: Amusing: The original way I wrote the first sentence in the final paragraph was, "...has anyone else seen the light?" I changed it so as not to distract from my point, since "seen the light" goes so many different ways.

Quote: Also, no, I don't believe that this is a UFO sighting or anything else in the realm of the paranormal. This is most likely something that some person or group of people have set up for some sort of purpose, and I just don't know what it is and what the purpose is, and it's downright intriguing...

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