I met Cindy Sheehan!

November 7, 2006, 8:06 PM

You may remember that previously, the closest that I got to Cindy Sheehan was at the anti-war rally that I photographed at Arlington Cemetery in Octrober 2004. You may recall that this photo was in there, showing a photo of Casey Sheehan. That was before she became a national figure with Camp Casey.

Now, I’ve met her. I even got someone to photograph us together. That will go up once I get home (I’m currently at Pentagon City). I was doing something I do often on my DC trips – walk from McPherson Square station to Lafayette Park, go past the White House, and then walk to Metro Center station. There was a whole bunch of anti-war activity going on this time, and much to my surprise, Cindy Sheehan was there. I was talking to a Code Pink person, and then I saw a familiar face. I said, “Are you who I think you are?” She replied, “Who do you think I am?” I said, “Cindy Sheehan?” It turned out to be her, and my reaction was just like when I met Dr. Ruth at JMU back in 2003. Lack of words for meeting a famous person.

She shook my hand, and I showed her the photo from that rally, which she remembered well. The impression I got from the handshake was that Cindy Sheehan had very soft hands, and surprisingly warm hands! But she was very friendly, and has just an awesome personality. She even described how a Park Police officer helped her pin a number of “Arrest Bush” pins to her shirt in preparation for a vigil in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Hopefully we’ll meet again.

It’s also funny… I’ve made so many efforts to go see Cindy Sheehan. I went to September 24, and hoped I’d see her, though she wasn’t directly on the agenda then (I had a black bloc to join). I swung by the White House on November 16 of last year when I heard she would be in town. I didn’t see her, but I did see David Barrows doing a small anti-torture demonstration. Then on July 4 of this year, I found out that Cindy Sheehan would be in town for a demonstration. I went around noon, and she wasn’t there at that time, but found out that she would be showing up at 5:00 at Lafayette Square. A huge thunderstorm scrubbed that plan, as everyone quickly ducked for cover. And now I run into her on a regular DC trip, when I’m not even trying to meet her.

And I texted EVERYONE about it. Mom, Dad, and Sis all replied back, with Dad and Sis saying, “Cool!” and Mom saying, “Wow!” I couldn’t help but to brag.

Otherwise, it’s been a regular DC trip, though it’s raining out, and I hedged my bet on it not raining, and it did, so I’m without an umbrella today. Still, I’m just tickled that I met Cindy Sheehan…

Web site: Wikipedia on Cindy Sheehan

Song: Christmas music playing in the mall. It begins earlier every year...

Quote: "Are you who I think you are?" - Me to Cindy Sheehan. I certainly do know how to start a conversation sometimes... ha ha.

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