The time I got backhanded…

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September 18, 2006, 11:11 PM

I still remember the time I got backhanded in high school, and I was thinking about that recently. It was in Mrs. Dixon’s English class way back in 1998, and I got decked by a girl, whom we’ll call “Wilma Eyeball” (this person gave herself this nickname in sixth grade back in 1992, so they know who they are), who sat in the seat in front of me. I had presumably managed to tick off this particular girl, and while I was discussing something with another classmate, she just up and backhanded me. She just swung her arm back and kapow. I was kind of stunned. I got decked by Wilma Eyeball. I must have really gotten on her nerves. And it marked the only time I ever got decked in school. And thankfully, no injuries came about – not even a bruise.

After I got decked, Mrs. Dixon took us both out in the hall to discuss this between the two of us. This ultimately led to a seating change, where Wilma Eyeball was moved to a seat across the room. It ended up working out for the better.

Meanwhile, now I find out that Wilma Eyeball lives near Los Angeles and seems to be having a great time…

Web site: Vintage Schumin Web. Interestingly enough, this happened so long ago that my site had not yet taken on the "Schumin Web" name. Back then, it was called "The Great American Road of Ben Schumin". Scary, I know.

Song: Whatever's playing on Nick at Nite

Quote: When asked her name in Mrs. Miller's sixth-grade English class: "'Wilma Eyeball'. You can also call me 'Alice B. Hind'." Believe it or not, I only knew her as "Wilma Eyeball" for the first month or so of school before learning her real name. Also realize that sixth grade was my first year in Stuarts Draft, so I had a lot of names to learn...

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