It could only happen to me…

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August 24, 2006, 11:13 PM

This one falls under that heading of stuff that could only happen to me. I went to visit Mom after school today. I was wearing my fire alarm shirt. First thing’s first, though. Being the first week of school, I asked Roxie, one of Mom’s teaching partners, “Did you all have one of these yet?” and pointed to the Wheelock 7002T on my shirt. Answer was, yes – they had their first fire drill this morning. And it’s sad – SDMS has broken with tradition entirely. It used to be that the first fire drill of the year was always on the third day of school at 9:30 AM. Not so this year. This time, it was on the fourth day of school, and closer to noon than to 9:30.

But anyway, what could only happen to me? I was describing something to some of the other teachers in the room at the time, and using Schumin Web to illustrate my point. I clicked a link, and I got this:

"Blue screen of death" on Mom's computer at SDMS


Only I can manage to crash a school computer and bring up the blue screen of death. Mom was looking at it and was curious as to what that was. Realize that Mom has not seen as many blue screens of death as I have. I’ve seen plenty of those in my day. Still, I certainly wasn’t expecting to see a blue screen of death today.

Web site: Wikipedia on the Blue Screen of Death

Song: "Leave Me Alone" by Safri Duo, with those people on the Metro

Quote: Coming attractions: Something that brings together Wikipedia's article on arson, my Afton Mountain photo set, this Journal entry, and this Journal entry. What will it be? We shall see...

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