Six months of Sable…

August 9, 2006, 12:37 PM

Today is August 9, which means that today marks exactly six months since I bought the Sable and retired the Previa. I didn’t realize that it had been that long. Six months ago today, I drove the Previa on its last trip – a trip from which it would not return. That was after a trip to Roanoke the day before where I met up with a friend and had a great time with that friend on what could best be described as the Previa’s ceremonial “farewell” trip. And then on the way home from that trip, the air vents stopped working. But with only about 45 miles to go, I didn’t really care.

But yeah, six months with the Sable. What a wonderful car, too. And that means it’s only four and a half more years until it’s paid for.

Web site: The I-got-the-Sable Journal entry

Song: Music from The Blues Brothers

Quote: Kind of funny how we refer to various cars. My cars have always been referred to by their model name, i.e. "The Previa" and "The Sable". Then we also have the Mustang, the Mini, the Sienna, the truck (a Ford Ranger) and "Sis's car" (a Mitsubishi Galant). Then we had other cars in the past that we referred to as "Spot" (a 1974 Ford Bronco), "the blue car" (a Chevrolet station wagon), "the turbo" (a Dodge Colt), and "the bus" (an original Toyota Van). So fun stuff. I just love saying, "The Sable", though. Sounds so fun.

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