The first fires took two buildings…

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August 6, 2006, 1:22 AM

The Waynesboro Outlet Village on August 4, 2006

The fires set at the Outlet Village by the local fire departments for training purposes actually brought two buildings to the ground. They burned the barn, which formerly housed Gitano, the Artisans Center, and OCAT, but also tiny Building 18, which housed the mailboxes for the complex, and which also at one point housed a tourist information center. As you can see, #18 is completely gone, and then all that’s left of the barn is the silo, which now has dark markings on it from the fire. Additionally, the shingles are missing on the edge of the roof closest to the barn on Building 5, and the siding is noticeably melted on the front of Building 2.

So there you go. And with the conventional demolition of Building 16 well underway, that makes three down, and 15 to go (I mistakenly said there were 17 buildings in the complex earlier – there are actually 18).

Web site: News Virginian article about the whole demolition. Turns out that they are going to torch #1, which ought to be pretty cool...

Song: "Together Again" from The Muppets Take Manhattan

Quote: So there you go...