I now know what cranberries really taste like…

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July 31, 2006, 7:02 PM

First of all, considering my recent illness, I’m pretty much convinced that it was food poisoning, considering that I got really sick all of a sudden, with the fever and all the other symptoms of being sick, and then with it going away so fast like it did.

But now I feel fine, and so life is good. And today, I got something new with my lunch and discovered something. I discovered what cranberries taste like. Previously, whenever I’d have something with cranberries in it, it would usually be something like cranberry sauce, or the food would have cranberries in it. Or if drinking it, it wouldn’t be straight cranberry juice. Cranberry-apple, cranberry-grape, etc. Or even if it was just cranberries, it would have been sweetened.

Today, I bought a 32-ounce container of Ocean Spray 100% all-natural unsweetened cranberry juice (from concentrate) to have some of with my lunch. No one commented on the faces I made, but I certainly made some faces when I was drinking some of that. This was certainly something. I had about half of the container on my lunch, and the other half on my last break. And I did have it all myself. However, I did have to make a minor “adjustment” to it in order to finish the container. “Unsweetened” lost its “un” when I added some sugar to the juice to make it more palatable. I couldn’t handle it straight. Consider this “wimping out”. But I did get my money’s worth out of it, even if I did have to sweeten it slightly.

Web site: Ocean Spray

Song: Jamaican-style song that Ocean Spray used in the early 1990s in their commercials

Quote: "The heck with unsweetened, this needs sugar!"

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