I visited Foamhenge, and it was…

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July 1, 2006, 6:25 PM

I visited Foamhenge in Natural Bridge today. It was interesting. Realize that Natural Bridge itself is something interesting. It’s a little collection of roadside attractions on US 11 in basically the middle of nowhere. There’s the natural bridge itself (for which Rockbridge County gets its name), plus there’s Natural Bridge Zoo, a wax museum, and probably other stuff I’m not remembering.

But this is Foamhenge:


It’s been up since 2004, and looks in need of some upkeep, because while the artist was quoted as saying that it might last longer than the real Stonehenge, it looked like it was in need of some maintenance. The paint was starting to come off in spots, and plenty had carved their names in the “stones”. Additionally, the stones inside the outermost ring were missing, though it appears that they had been officially removed (for repairs?), due to the presence of orange-painted milk jugs on the anchors.

All in all, it’s interesting, and I took 164 photos of it. And it’s worth a photo set.

Web site: Natural Bridge's page about Foamhenge

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