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June 30, 2006, 8:55 PM

I just found out that the full report about the November 3, 2004 accident at Woodley Park-Zoo came out on the NTSB’s Web site. And I’ve been reading the 66-page report for a while now. I’m on page 18 out of 66 total. So I’m getting somewhere.

And it’s great to finally read exactly what happened in this accident. You may recall that I was in Washington the day after the accident happened, and actually got to see the accident scene firsthand. It was something.

I was amazed, though, about how the first several feet of Rohr 1077 were just plain gone. In my photos, the roof was hanging down from what remained of the car. I received an interior shot of 1077 after it had been taken to Brentwood, but it wasn’t quite the same as seeing it in the accident scene. The NTSB report had a photo of 1077 in place at the accident scene:

Rohr 1077 interior, post-collision
Photo: NTSB

I was just like, whoa, when I saw this. In telescoping, the floor went UP towards the ceiling, upsetting a number of seats in the process. That is something I did not quite expect. I would have thought that with telescoping, since the train basically came apart at the seams, the floor would not have done that. Guess I was wrong.

And now, back to my reading of the rest of the report.

Web site: In case you want to read along with me, here's a link to the full report.

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Quote: I still remember how I was the one to first report the car numbers involved to SubTalk. I learned through overhearing a conversation that the Rohr involved was 1077 (this was later confirmed correct), and I was able to directly observe the number on the mate of the Breda involved, and was able to infer from there that the car involved was 4018.

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