What a wonderful dinner!

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May 31, 2006, 11:17 PM

What a wonderful dinner we had at O’Charley’s! Dad met us up there, since it made more sense for him to meet us up there than go back home. So Mom, Sis, and I went up to Harrisonburg in the Sable via Route 11 (the scenic route through several small towns) and then cut through JMU to get to Harrisonburg Crossing.

Everything went well. The only point where things went slightly awry was when all the staff came out to wish some other customer a happy birthday. Sis mentioned how good of an idea it would be to mention it to our server that this was my birthday dinner. Then our server came out, and Sis mentioned it to her. My exact response was, “Don’t even think about it.” It worked out, though. Our server said she’d bring out a cake without the fanfare. And it was a nice cake.

Still, like I need the sugar and calories in a cake.

After that, we went across the street to the Verizon store and got some stuff fixed up. I got my cell phone put entirely in my name, and they also worked on Sis’s phone, where the hinge was broken.

And the funny line of the day was from another customer in the store. When this girl learned she’d have to be without her cell phone for a day, she said, in despair, “You mean I have to be 24 hours without my cell phone?” I tried to hold it in, but once they left, I started laughing.

Otherwise, I made my goal for my Outlet Village photo set. The Outlet Village closed for good today, and I got the photo set out that night. The Outlet Village may soon be passing into retail heaven with demolition set to begin next month, but now we at least have the memories.

Web site: "Waynesboro Outlet Village" photography set

Song: "All the things that you are... House of Oak and Sofas!" (from a TV commercial)

Quote: "Finished!" - Me regarding the photo set