My 25th birthday went quite well!

May 31, 2006, 2:09 AM

My 25th birthday, unlike my 24th birthday, did NOT suck.

I was off work, and with Sis in Blacksburg and the parents at their own workplaces, I had the day to myself. I got up, I ate something, and then went to work on the Web site. I got the upcoming Outlet Village photo set very close to completion, with the goal of releasing it on May 31.

I got the photos whittled down to 65, prepped them, and placed them all on a blank Schumin Web template. All I have to do is arrange them like I want, determine a “break point” to split the set into two parts, and I’m done. I chose May 31 for a release date, because that’s the day that the Outlet Village closes for good. Thus after we won’t be able to see the Outlet Village live and in person anymore, at least we’ll still have the memories.

The goal of my day was to finally renew my driver’s license. See this entry and this entry for more information on my license renewal ordeal. This time, though, I was successful, and I got another great license picture. The only difference between my old license and my new license besides the photo is the license number. The old license had my Social Security Number as the license number. I now have one of those “T numbers” on there (e.g. T00-00-0000). So all in all, good deal.

Mom was home by the time I got home from the DMV, and she noticed that I’d not yet opened my gift. On the kitchen table was a box wrapped in gold-colored paper. So I sat down, and opened it. It was something I’d mentioned I’d wanted before, but honestly didn’t think I was going to get it. I got a 2 GB iPod Nano. An iPod is exactly what I wanted, as that will certainly make up for the fact that the Sable doesn’t have a CD player on board.

Mom also asked where I wanted to go for dinner tomorrow, and I was still undecided at that time. When Dad came home, he wanted to know the same. I didn’t know.

I ended up going out later on, after spending more time with the aforementioned Photography set. I ended up going to Charlottesville to clear my head, possibly do some photography, and also scout out some restaurant possibilities for tomorrow. I went looking, and nothing really struck my fancy. However, I did finally make my decision: O’Charley’s in Harrisonburg. And I’m going to insist we take the Sable. We can all fit into the Sable, plus I just don’t want to take Mom’s Sienna.

I also got several “happy birthday” messages on the cell phone via my Schumin Wireless screen name. That was a nice touch.

So all in all, not a bad day.

Web site: Photo of me from my sixth birthday - wasn't I just darling?

Song: Night on Bald Mountain, which I downloaded to my iPod as a test.

Quote: "Wheeeeeeeeee..."

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