Tonight, I pledge a set of kitchen chairs!

May 13, 2006, 9:24 PM

I have two cans of Pledge (as in the furniture polish) so that I can work on a set of chairs we used to have in the kitchen and then stored off-site.

A little history for you… we bought the table (which is still in storage off site) at Freight Sales Furniture in Bentonville, Arkansas right before we moved to Virginia.

Freight Sales Furniture, for those of you who don’t know, is (or was, I don’t know) a small furniture chain that had locations in Joplin, Missouri, and also Fort Smith, Springdale, and Bentonville in Arkansas. Their spokespeople were Lurlene Freight and Lois Price. Lois Price had a thick southern accident, curly blond hair, and was a touch overdressed. Her big line was, “Remember, if you’re looking for Lois Price, I’ll always be at Freight Sales Furniture!”

Anyway, we set up the table in the house here, and that’s where it lived until 2003.

In December 2002, my grandmother died, and in all of everything with that, Mom ended up getting her kitchen table and chairs. So the old table went out, and Grandma’s old set went in. However, the chairs weren’t sturdy enough for our family. So we got new heavy-duty chairs for the table. Much better.

With the old table and chairs basically assigned to me for future use, they were stored.

Now, with the off-site storage in my name, and my no longer wanting to pay for it, I took them home and will find a place for them here. But before I store them again, I’m getting all the dust and gunk accumulated in that dirty, dusty, nasty storage locker off of these chairs. Thus… Pledge!

And let me tell you… I love this table and chairs. We’ve had that set since I was 11, and so I did a lot of growing up with this set.

Web site: Wikipedia article on SC Johnson: A family company

Song: From an episode of Full House that's playing on Nick at Nite: "I'm a big girl, you're a big girl, yadda yadda yadda yadda yah."

Quote: "Freight Sales Furniture is now in Bentonville! Fort Smith and Springdale, too!" - Lois Price on the TV commercial about the Bentonville location opening

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