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March 8, 2006, 9:08 PM

At long last, I found my cell phone charger.

I found my charger in the suitcase that I used in my vacation to Virginia Beach back in August. And it only took me more than six months to find it. This after I practically turned the house upside down on a few occasions looking for it. And it’s funny how I found it, too.

I was working on the photo set from that Virginia Beach vacation (which you’ll hopefully see soon now that work has begun on it in earnest), and I was looking at a photo of the kitchenette in my suite at the Travelodge in Virginia Beach.

My hotel room from my 2005 trip to Virginia Beach.  See the charger?

Notice that object plugged into the outlet above my camera bag? I noticed that, too. It’s a large adaptor-type plug. That’s not my camera charger, which has a small plug end. I looked at it, and it was my cell phone’s charger plug. Take a look up close:

See the charger now?

My cell phone, on the charger, is sitting just to the right of the coffee maker. So I’m just thinking, “aha!” I knew it was some time over the summer that I had lost my charger, and I just couldn’t figure out when was the last time I’d seen it. And so I figure that must have been the last time I saw it. So I walked over to the suitcase, felt it for stuff, and voila! One cell charger.

Funny how I found my charger while working on stuff for the Web site.

Now mind you, this is not the only charger for my cell phone. I have a car charger, which I’ve used as my only charger for the last six and some months. Still, thank goodness for finding the house charger, at long last…

Web site: All about my cell phone, the LG VX6000

Song: Theme to Tool Time

Quote: "So that's what happened to it..." - Me. I feel kind of silly that it's been this long having my charger being missing, and with it being right under my nose the entire time...

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