I feel… tall…

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March 8, 2006, 5:51 PM

You would think, since I’ve driven a van for most of the time I’ve been driving, that I’d be used to a car that rides high. Especially since it’s not even been a month since I turned in the Previa for the Sable (I got the Sable on February 9).

So yeah, I had to drive Mom’s Sienna today. That was a culture shock, mainly because I felt like I was very high up off the ground. In the 27 days (so far) of driving the Sable, I have gotten used to feeling like I’m sitting flat on the pavement. In the Sable, one rides low to the ground, like in most cars.

Still, I felt really high up in the Sienna. I also am amazed how quickly I forgot where all the controls are. I reached for the selector in the center console like I do on the Sable. The Sienna, by the way, has controls like the Previa had, and so the selector’s on the steering column. I’m reaching for the left stick on the column for the wipers. They’re on the right in the Sienna. All in all, it was a strange feeling. And I’m still surprised about how accustomed I am to driving at car height.

I also got to ride in Dad’s Mini Cooper today, which was also an experience. That’s a nice car. The speedometer is along the car’s center line, and there are all kinds of little lights on it. Plus, the Mini Cooper has two racing stripes on the front, which is just neat.

Otherwise, one of the things on my to-do list is to set a date for Breezewood (I want to go to Breezewood, Pennsylvania for a photo set). I still want to do this trip, and I need to get all the arrangements straightened out. I have a reliable car (the Sable), my friend Patrick Jarrett wants to meet me there, and I know where I want to stay. Now, all I have to do is get permission from the nonprofit that owns the abandoned turnpike alignment to take a vehicle through there, book the hotel room, and ask for the time off from work.

All I have to say is that Breezewood will be a lot of fun, once I get the arrangements all done.

Web site: Unrelated, but this is the list of Sam Goody and Suncoast stores that are closing. Turns out that ALL the Sam Goody stores around here are folding, plus Pentagon City near DC. Wow.

Song: Theme to Home Improvement. I'm watching the complete second season on DVD.

Quote: "I feel so... tall..."

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