New Chucks!

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February 25, 2006, 12:23 AM

Check these out:

New red Chuck Taylors

These are the new Chuck Taylor shoes that I recently bought online from

These replace the black Chucks that I’ve been wearing since last April. Why the replacement? Because my old Chucks were starting to show their age, as they had developed some holes, and things were starting to generally fall apart. But of course, you realize I wore those shoes, and wore them hard. So it’s to be expected that they would eventually die.

These new ones are red, and they’re made of “distressed” canvas. I talked to the people at The Shoe Dept. at Staunton Mall about it, and they told me that distressed canvas is basically canvas that’s made to look like it’s worn. And in fact, there’s some canvas sticking out on the back of these that’s already been made to look shredded. As I say it, it’s shoes that are made to look like they’ve been around the block a few times already.

And thus I am giving in to a fashion style that I’ve always considered a wee bit ludicrous. I never understood why people would buy clothes that were made to look like they’d been around the block a few times. You know the kind – the ones with the knees shredded up, and with weird coloration that makes it look like they’ve seen some hard use. And I always considered myself above that. And now I’m doing it with my shoes.

Of course, such is the whole Chuck Taylor thing anyway. It comes with the turf. I also like them because I do run with the activist crowd in DC a bit, and when you go to a protest, you certainly see a lot of people wearing Chucks. On September 24, I saw a lot of people wearing Chucks. This is in part because they’re “vegan” shoes – they contain no animal products. That’s also why leather Chucks amuse me.

Plus the shoes are cheaper than other shoes. And even better – these were on sale. That’s always a plus, considering I have a station wagon that I’m still paying for.

So all in all, I’m tickled about my new shoes.

Web site: If you want the same kind as I have, here it is. I must have bought the last size 12, though, since that size isn't on the list anymore...

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