I will not conduct my own fire drills…

February 19, 2006, 9:51 PM

I went to Martin’s with my friend Katie on Friday, and we had a blast. The thing I noticed first off, though, was in the right-side vestibule. Notice anything wrong with this photo of the fire alarm annunciator?

Notice anything wrong with this photo of the fire alarm annunciator?

First of all, the system is in a supervisory condition. But notice what’s in the keyhole! Someone left the key to use the buttons on the annunciator in place! And notice that third button from the left. It said “Drill – hold 2 sec” on it. All of a sudden, I’m fantasizing about conducting my own fire drill at Martin’s. I would never actually do it, because such a stunt would probably land me in jail. Still, I can’t believe someone left the key to control the alarm system out unattended in a publicly-accessible place.

Otherwise, though, Katie liked the Sable.

Speaking of the Sable, I finally got some photos of it on Wednesday. I took these on my DC trip, and appropriately enough, I photographed the car at Vienna…

Sable at Vienna  Sable at Vienna

As you can see, this is a “sensible” car. And I have no problem with sensible cars. I also like having a working radio again. I listened to NPR both ways on the way up. I listen to WMRA (90.7 FM) out of Harrisonburg as far as Strasburg, then change to WETA (90.9 FM) out of Washington when I get on I-66. Not bad. Then on the way back, WETA runs BBC news overnight. I finally lose the signal at Woodstock. WMRA plays classical at night, which is not good for late-night driving. That last leg of the trip is when I need something bouncy to listen to.

And lastly, I ordered a new pair of Chuck Taylors on the Internet tonight. Currently, I have a pair of black Chucks. These new ones will be red, and made of “distressed” canvas. Either way, though, it will be a nice change, and also, I’ve managed to run my current pair to death, as evidenced by the holes I’ve worn in them in a few places.

Web site: The shoes I ordered. They'll be here in a few days.

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