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January 1, 2006, 12:05 AM

Well, happy new year, everyone, as I write the first Journal entry for 2006.

I watched the ball drop in Times Square on NBC, and what was interesting to me is when they mentioned how long these people had camped out in Times Square. Some people had camped out there as early as noon. The hosts on NBC commented on this a few times, and how these people probably really had to go to the bathroom. One girl interviewed by a woman on the street put it like this: “And I really have to go to the bathroom!” They shouted this out loud, live on national television. I’m sure that’s something they’ll look back on and say, “What was I thinking?” The interviewer expressed hope that she could hold it in a little bit longer. Of course, if you leave to go to the bathroom, you lose your spot. So what else are you going to do?

Meanwhile, I’m hoping that this will be a good year. 2005 was a lot of fun, what with the counter-inaugural, making new friends and running into old ones, A16, a number of road trips, the vacation to Virginia Beach, the September 24 protest, lots and lots of photography, and so much more. 2006 ought to be so much fun as well…

Web site: Wikipedia article on New Year's Eve

Song: Auld Lang Syne

Quote: "…and I really have to go to the bathroom!" - The girl at Times Square

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