Raining cats and dogs yesterday…

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November 30, 2005, 7:23 AM

Seriously, it was raining like mad yesterday! Over the course of my day at work yesterday, it was all over the scale. Surprisingly, it was not raining both on my way to work, and walking to the building from the car. Then the rain started – a nice steady pour. Then it continued to rotate between really heavy rain (where it sounds like marbles hitting the roof) and lighter rain. And lots of wind, too. Around 1:00, we got thunder and lightning with that rain. And the lightning was sufficiently big that we could see it through the skylights, during the day. That is significant.

We also heard rumors of some flooding in the usual areas, since it was some pretty heavy rain, and had been raining for a couple of days before this. Going home from work, the river I cross on route 608 was considerably higher than normal, and then a low portion of 608 that usually floods over due to poor drainage (and repeated failed attempts to fix it) was flooded over.

And of course, it was doing heavy rain when I got home – it figures, doesn’t it? And Mom was wearing a poncho and up on a ladder fixing a problem with a gutter. I’m just like, what the heck.

Today, it’s a beautiful day. Cloudless and sunny. Colder, but that’s fine. I like the cold. However, due to flooding, Augusta County Schools opened one hour late. Go figure.

I’m just glad I got good weather today. I’m going to Lynchburg and to Roanoke today. Yay!

Web site: Wikipedia on flash flooding...

Song: "Lost Me Cookie at the Disco", which I find just hilarious. If it was so special of a cookie, why would Cookie Monster take it to the disco in the first place, where it could be "hustled" to another disco, or stepped on? Of course, if it's such a wonderful cookie, he might as well just eat it, since what's the point of a cookie if you're not going to eat it?

Quote: Me to my neighbor when I saw them shopping: "Is 608 flooded over?"

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