Tomorrow is the big day…

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November 24, 2005, 8:38 PM

Tomorrow at 4:30 in the morning, I must be at work for what is often called “Black Friday”, which is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

This will be the first time I will have actually worked right in the thick of Wal-Mart’s big after-Thanksgiving sale. The past two years, I worked later shifts, after the majority of the pandemonium had passed. This year, I am there. And tomorrow, I will be dressed in all black from the top of my mock-turtleneck all the way down to my Chucks. I’ve also tried to get coworkers to do likewise. After all, what can I say? Black is the new black.

Otherwise, though, Thanksgiving went well. I had to work, and then had Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Meanwhile, I’m still enjoying the heat in the car. Never again will I take having heat in one’s automobile for granted. Never.

Also, along with presents for everyone else, I have spied a nice piece of hardware in the Electronics department at work that I’m just drooling over for me. This is a 19″ LCD flat panel monitor. You may wonder what this will do for me. This will give me dual 19″ monitors. My original 19″ monitor came with the computer. That monitor would become monitor #2 in this arrangement. Then the flat panel would sit as the centerpiece of my desk, cleaning it up significantly, since my current 19″ monitor, a VX900, is very large, and has a real monster of a footprint. Think about what I could do with a flat-panel monitor. I could have a clean desk for once. I would truly have space to eat, write, and type. That would be something indeed.

Am I going to get it? Oh, hell yeah. How will I pay for it at $277-something, plus tax? That is yet to be seen.

But it will be a nice addition to my setup, you must admit. And it frees up my current 15″ or 17″ second monitor (don’t make me measure it) for Sis to use when she brings her computer home for Christmas. Plus when I eventually retire this computer for something better, I’ll have a monitor to plug into it. For those of you who are wondering, I plan on using this current computer for something after it retires. What, I don’t know.

But first I must survive tomorrow. And in my all-black from tip to toe (plus blue Wal-Mart vest), I shall prevail…

Web site: Wikipedia on Black Friday...

Song: Mr. Rogers: "Everybody's fancy, everybody's fine, your body's fancy, and so is mine!"

Quote: I also finally called Head Lites about obtaining a FliteStar safety vest. I figure that with the amount of cart work I've been doing, I might as well get my own vest, plus for a few upcoming photo sets I'm planning, I want something high-visibility. Especially when I break out the tripod, I want people to know I'm there and working so they won't trip over my tripod.