Hello from Pentagon City!

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November 16, 2005, 5:44 PM

Hello all from the Apple store at Pentagon City Mall! (Yes, I’m writing this on a Mac.) What a fun day I’ve had. I went around to Lafayettte Square, where I met up with one of the DAWN demonstrators from February. I saw lots of people engage them in debate, as they were doing a similar anti-torture demonstration in front of the White House. However, no arrests this time.

After that, I went up and around on the Metro, and even took a bus from Fort Totten to Georgia Avenue-Petworth. Flxible 9802, running on the 64. Then I got one of the happiest train operators on earth (some of you may know who I’m referring to) for the ride to Gallery Place-Chinatown.

I also tried to visit the Infoshop, but they were closed when I came by. They would reopen at 6 PM, but I wasn’t about to wait more than an hour for them to open up. Ah, well…

And now, it’s Pentagon City time…

Web site: The Head Lites FliteStar, the official safety vest of WMATA. I want one of these for myself.

Song: The "Pooh Corner" theme, believe it or not.

Quote: "This is U Street... CARDOZO! And the location of the African-American Civil War Memorial. The doors will open on the left. This is the GREEN line... into Branch Avenue." - Our cheerful train operator at work.

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