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November 4, 2005, 1:26 AM

Since March, as you may know, I’ve been running a photo feature on my main page. You may recall that this replaced the quote article that previously occupied that space. And ever since the photo feature was launched, I’ve only displayed vertical photos due to the vertical nature of the page’s design.

Now, however, I also want to display horizontal photos, since I have a whole bunch of those that I want to show on the main page, but the space as currently designed won’t allow it.

I want to make two versions of the main page – the current one for when a vertical photo is the feature, and a second one for use when a horizontal photo is the feature. In addition, I don’t want to make the photo feature a pain to update with two versions of the main page. That’s a lot of what killed the old quote. It had become a colossal pain in the butt to update because it was such a complicated process. So we’re trying to avoid that. Thus I don’t want to just simply have two versions of the main page saved and just upload the one I want. That adds an extra few steps to the process. Right now, it’s just some image work, one upload, and then an update using an online form.

What I’d really like to do is to have it where I just have to specify the orientation in my form, and have that put the right orientation in place.

However, I again don’t want to have different files getting pulled for it. I’d considered using an “invisible” frameset for it, but my fear is that it will confuse Google as well as people searching for me, if I have an “A” and “B” version of the page in a frame, and it pulls the wrong version or something. Plus I believe that the main page is how much of my content gets into Google’s search engine.

So we’re trying to keep it simple, preserve my main-page.asp file name for Google’s sale, and also have two versions of the main page.

Hmmmmmmmm… I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually

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