Happy Halloween!

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October 31, 2005, 6:41 PM

What a fun Halloween I had! I spent it where I’ve spent every single Monday for a very long time – work. However, they let us dress up for Halloween, and I had a real blast, too.

This year, I dressed up as The Thnikkaman, which is a variation of Bubs, who runs Bubs’ Concession Stand. All in all, it comes from I love the site, and Thnikkaman was easy to do, too.

All I did was wear an orange “Athletic Works” shirt, my usual black jeans and chucks, and then accessorized it all. I bought some green felt and safety-pinned that around my waist. That made that strange green section on Bubs’s outfit. Then to go from just plain old Bubs to The Thnikkaman, I borrowed a pair of sunglasses from my sister that resembled the ones that The Thnikkaman wore in Strong Bad Email #97. Then to finish the outfit, I printed a red “TH” on paper and pinned that to my shirt. And thus we have Thnikkaman. Check out my costume:

Ben Schumin as The Thnikkaman

And as this was taken at work, yes, that is a Wal-Mart name badge I’m wearing. And then I superimposed my photo on the background of the image of The Thnikkaman from the Homestar Runner Wiki.

Other people besides me also dressed up for Halloween. We had a person dressed up as a flapper girl, one person wore a suit with a wig where the hair went up and down (neat effect), and one person went as their “weekend self”, complete with striped toe socks. Then there was also someone who dressed up as a ladybug. I initially mistakenly identified that person as being “the bee”. Then we also had an associate who dressed as a radical cheerleader – a black cheerleading dress with red trim, and a red anarchy symbol on the front. Interestingly enough, this cheerleading dress was manufactured like that, unlike “real” radical cheerleaders, whose outfits look homemade. Still, though, it was cute, though somewhat ironic, as the person’s a fan of George W. Bush (and a lot of radical cheerleading cheers are anti-Bush).

And now, I’m upstairs hiding from the trick-or-treaters. Tell them hello for me, if you would.

Web site: Homestar Runner Wiki page on Web site sightings about my costume

Song: Limozeen's song Because, It's Midnite

Quote: Comment: People couldn't get the hang of the pronunciation of "Thnikkaman" all day. Most common pronunciation I heard was "think-a-man".

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