I’ll bet you had no idea that the Blue Line ran to Staunton…

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October 23, 2005, 6:59 PM

Yes – in this very strange dream that I had, Metro runs to Staunton, near where I live. Specifically, Staunton Mall. And specifically, the Blue Line.

In this dream, Mom and I were at Staunton Mall at night. We were out shopping, and I discovered that there was a Metro station at Staunton Mall. It was an elevated station, with side platforms similar to Eisenhower Avenue or West Hyattsville. So while Mom was telling me to hurry up and such, I went up and visited the station. Somehow, in this dream though, I wasn’t on the platform. I was in the trackbed. There were no “third rails” in the trackbed, for some reason. Go figure. After I’d crossed from one track to the other, Mom shouted to me that I was in the tracks and what if a train was coming. That’s when I decided to climb up onto the platform opposite where I originally was (which I was now standing next to). Then I noticed something to my right:

Train similar to the one in my dream

A train was coming right towards me! And what gets me is how specific the train in the dream was. It was a Breda rehab, signed for the Blue Line, with “BLUE” lit up large on the train’s head sign. And then before I got to deal with any reactions beyond the initial “Oh, no, a train of Breda rehabs is coming right at me,” I woke up.

That dream just left me puzzled me all day today. It reminded me of the dream I described in a Journal entry dated February 19, 2004, where I was essentially white-water rafting with a Metro train. I normally don’t dream about the Metro, either. This is only my second Metro-related dream. Normally my dreams center around work and other things like that. I also had a recent resurgence of impending-fire-drill dreams, which I’d not had in a long time.

I’m just glad I woke up before that train got any closer. I also just found it so strange how specific it was. This was a Breda rehab, and obviously so – not just some generic thing that my mind told me was supposed to be a Breda rehab. I saw the head sign and the white LEDs on the front, which indicate that it’s a rehab and not a CAF or classic Breda or something.

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