Does anyone else find this amusing?

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September 23, 2005, 5:51 PM

"Freeloader" gift card

This is a recent design of Wal-Mart shopping card designed for college students. Obviously, this one was designed with the parents in mind, since aside from “Wal-Mart”, the only other word on the front of the card on the student half is “freeloader”.

I’m sure there are lots of parents who see that card saying “freeloader” and immediately think, Every time he uses this card, he’ll be reminded of who’s really paying for it.

Honestly, it sounds like something that my parents would do for me – getting something that reminded me of who was paying like that. But gift cards that immediately labeled the user as a freeloader did not exist back when I was in college (thank goodness).

Still, I found that to be quite amusing, and I have to wonder whether labeling the user of the gift card as a freeloader was intentional. That could be the connotation that they’re going for, in order to go for the parental angle. Or it might also be an unintended result. Who knows.

Web site: page for Freeloader card

Song: I had the theme for Cheat Commandos in my head this morning - "Buy all our playsets and toys!"

Quote: "Intentional? Hmmm..."

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