My teeth are all ready for show-and-tell!

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September 22, 2005, 12:35 PM

In about 45 minutes or so (give or take), I will be at the dentist’s office, ready to have a routine cleaning. You want to talk about deferred maintenance… I am embarrassed to say that it’s been about four years since I last saw a dentist’s chair. It started out with having to cancel a dentist’s appointment when I’d realized I’d scheduled it during the wrong week (JMU’s spring break). I intended to reschedule it for the summer. That didn’t happen. Then I had a lapse in insurance coverage after I’d graduated JMU and before Wal-Mart’s insurance kicked in. And then it was just a matter of getting around to doing it.

And now, I’m finally doing it. And so I got my whole mouth ready for show and tell. Brush. Floss. Listerine. Brush again. Not bad. And then, it’s showtime!

(As a side note, I should have also washed my mouth out with soap, but that won’t do any good at the dentist’s office.)

Still, I’m just glad I’m going again. This has been a long time in the making. And as I said up front, it’s embarrassing that it’s been so long.

And even more so when I pay such careful attention to personal hygiene. Just yesterday, I took this Dr. Scholl’s sanding stone with a handle and sanded all the dead skin off my feet that had accumulated around my heels. That was some serious work right there. Plus I try to make sure that I smell clean (but no cologne), use deodorant, wear nice-enough clothes, and present a dignified appearance. I also keep my nails looking nice, so as to prevent that “guys with nails” effect that gives Missy at work the jibblies.

And so enough chatter on here – time to go!

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