“I’m just an alley cat, with an alley life…”

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September 16, 2005, 11:47 PM

You may have seen this before:

Alley Cat in normal position

You may recall I bought this Halloween item on September 7 in Roanoke on my way to Blacksburg after having wanted to get one since Halloween 2004, but couldn’t since Wal-Mart sold out early, and then the last time I saw it was at a CVS in Roanoke on October 14. Still, this is the robotic “alley cat” that I told you about. It does three sequences. One is simple: It meows a few times and then screeches and arches its back while its eyes light up. It looks like this:

Alley Cat in arched position
See a movie of this sequence.

The other two have to do with the song that the cat is better known for. One is a short version, and the other is a long version. The short version is what most casual store patrons may be familiar with, since it’s what is available in demo mode. Push the button, and the short version of the song plays:

The “short” version of the song.

When I got this robotic alley cat home, I discovered the third mode, where the cat sings the full song complete with an introduction:

The “long” version of the song.

I also need your help with the lyrics. I know that the lyrics are based on Somebody’s Watching Me as sung by Rockwell. And I did get most of the lyrics figured out. Here’s what I’ve got:

I’m just an alley cat, with an alley life,
I roam all day and night, with no relief in sight,
All I want is to be left alone, to wander on my own,
But why do I always feel like I’m in the danger zone and…

(I always feel that somebody’s watchin’ me…)
And I have no privacy!
(Whoa, I always feel that somebody’s watchin’ me…)
Is it just a dream?

And then from there, the cat resets itself. But what I can’t figure out is what the cat is saying in that fourth line. It’s definitely not “like I’m in the Twilight Zone” like the words on that link said. Of course, a few other lines differ from that, too.

I can’t figure out what my obsession with this particular toy is, either. It’s obviously enough to where I bought one. Especially since for the rest of them, I will quite happily tell you that they are pretty lame, like the one where the witch sings, “I’m a very spooky witch, the kind you don’t take home to mother!” and various other ones.

All in all, weird. But who knows.

Web site: Lyrics to Somebody's Watching Me

Song: If I have to tell you, the point of this Journal entry has been lost.

Quote: "It's a very catchy song!"

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